Our Structure



Our Certificator is locally/regionally recognized and valid, for each project, country,or Region, we do have a Hashgachá that will assure our Cashrut for each establishment.

Solid background and Community support, assure that you can trust on our certification, with no doubt.


If you do still have questions, we will be more than pleased to provide you detailed information.


Kosher Supervisor

Each local mashguiach has to train and inspect the workers of the kitchen, so they don’t compromise the kashrut of the kitchen.

It is his attribution also to light any fire from the oven or stove that is going to be used for the preparation of the food. As well as turning the switch from the electric stove, so that a non-jew would be able to cook.

It is also his job to verify the cooked or raw eggs that will be used on the food. As well as a sieve has to be used from him to sift all the flour that is going to be used on the plate.

It is also his job to verify all the leaves, so it won’t have any worms.

The same it is applied with grains, beans, lentils, corn, pea, chickpeas, and others.

The mashguiach is a person with high credibility and observant of all the Jewish rules. He follows fstrictly what the rabbi responsible from the Hashgachá says.


Kosher Chef

Our Kosher Chef handles all meals´ preparation and food ingredients to ensure that the food adheres to Jewish Dietary Law or the conventions of the Jewish Halakhic Laws.

He works in partnership with the restaurant/hotel/event/ship chef, to assure that each establishment´s DNS is kept and just adapted to Cashrut.

He prepares only foods that are properly slaughtered. These foods are produced with full supervision. Only certain animals are used by the kosher chef, and all blood must be drained from the meat before it is eaten.


Support advisor

Our Client Service professionals have a solid services and kosher background, therefore, we can offer you support in any circumstances, from technical questions to religious ones.

We are experts in service and you can rely on us to provide previous, during and after projects support, reinforcing our partnership.

Through mail or phone, we are ready to support, with restrict KPI´S to assure Service´s Excellence.