Tired of going to the same Kosher Restaurants, trying the same food, tastes? Now it is time to INNOVATE! Amazing ancho steaks, unique tapas, asian food, pizzas..WOW…there are no limits for us!

WEDO KOSHER offers you the opportunity to have and incredible lunch/dinner, with the supervision of a Kchef and a Mashguiach.

The establishment DNA is kept, therefore, only expect the best Kosher Gastronomic Event EVER!


So…are these Kosher or non Kosher Restaurants?

Basically, we are connected with the coolest, newest, most recognized restaurants in town and we listen do our Clients.During One Kosher Special Day, that Restaurant will be 100% Kosher, from food to beverage.All restaurant´s staff will be trained by us, to assure the correct environment.

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Non Kosher Unique Restauranted becoming Kosher for one Event!

It is time for you , friends and family enjoy the best of contemporary cousine….even in non Kosher regularly restaurants!

Food has an effect on the eater’s soul, no matter when or where it is eaten.

Now you can invite your non Kosher friends to dinner/lunch, or even go to the same restaurants that they use to go, without any restriction.

A dedicated mashguiach will be full time present to check all products brought into the establishment, and will also be present during the preparation of the food.

The menu that you will taste was built in partnership with the restaurant´s chef, because we want to keep the establishment´s DNA, assuring that certified Kosher ingredients are being used.