Now, you do not have to worry about bringing your own food when travelling!

Just sit back and relax!We will provide you a true Kosher Journey.

Riverboat Cruises,Safaris, Educational destinations, luxury vacatios are now ALL KOSHER! Kchefs, Mashguichim, Hashgahá…a true team focused on providing you and your family an Unique Kosher Experience Worldwide.

Shabbat amenities and meals prepared following Glatt Kosher, from the best suppliers! Allow yourself to be mesmerized!


How does the Experience work?

We define ourselves as a Kosher Boutique.Our focus is to offer EXPERIENCES that are UNIQUE and Remarkable.

Every day, we focus on increasing our partners Collection, working only with upscale Hotels, and creating taylor-made Journeys for you and your family.

Want to relax? Looking for the perfect honeymoon? Want to take your children to fun vacations? Want to explore? WEDO KOSHER offers you a pool of options, always focused on your profile and proposal.

Contact us and learn more about this service.

Hashgachá and Mashguiach

When travelling with us, we do assure that the most recognized Hashgachá is in charge of the certification, that the destinations were carefully chosen (including staff training) and that a dedicated and discrete Mashguiach will be full time available to assure Cashrut.


    • Supervision and presence of Mashguiach
    • Kosher Gourmet  (drinks not included)
    • Shabat amenities

By trusting us, it is important to reinforce that we work with Kosher Experience, not only travel destinations.

There is a solid pre-work, that starts with our Advisors, who will provide you, based on basic question, the perfect destination.

Once defined, we do need a few days to assure the Mashguiach´s trip and to define his ideal profile, to better suit your experience.

Your menu will be pre-prepared by a KChef, in partnership with the local chef, assuring that the establishment´s DNA is kept, but using Kosher ingredients and obbeying the Cashrut preparation.

Even before you define your destination, our Hashgachá would already have validated the establishment, which has already made all the changes to Cashrut Laws.

Conclusion: no more packed food! Just the best, finest and elaborated menu for you and your family, and…ALL KOSHER.